Podcast: Welcome to the Teachings of the LR

  • This is the audio introduction + the five (5) part podcast Teachings of the LR

Introduction to our five part Teachings of the LR podcast 1:20

1:20 minutes (1.23 MB)

The holy desire 13:23

13:23 minutes (12.26 MB)

The human being as microcosm 6:00

6:00 minutes (5.49 MB)

The two nature orders 11:22

11:22 minutes (10.42 MB)

The heart of spirituality 4:15

4:15 minutes (3.9 MB)

The quest for life's meaning 5:59

5:59 minutes (5.47 MB)

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Alchemy and the mystery planets, a ritual for soul transformation

Rosyross and alchemy have a deep inner connection. The Rosicrucians regarded the transformation processes in the alchemists’ vessels on the way from lead to gold as a metaphor for the transmutations of the human soul on its way to the perfect spirit-soul.

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