Inner Source Course: Part 5 - THE CORE BEING IN EVERYONE


We can find the symbolic meaning of the house Sancti Spiritus in the story of the burial temple of Christian Rosycross from the book The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross. These texts are very veiled as well, yet they continue to inspire us, because they bear witness to a living reality. Why then do they speak about a grave if the point is about living?
This is because for the ego it is a tomb, the end or nothingness. Yet on the other hand, for the spirit-soul, it means new life. In order to make this new life possible, the community of enlightened ones invites us to merge into this ‘nothingness’ or ‘nothing’. But what is this ‘nothing’? It certainly does not mean the temporary absence of ‘something’. Actually, ‘nothing’ is a concept too abstract for us, we simply cannot grasp it with our minds or with our feelings. And that is why we experience the ‘nothing’, this core being that cannot be defined spatio-temporally, as a void or an abyss.

Perhaps it is also too close, too obvious and too easily overlooked
Too easily it escapes our comprehension. If we still want to visualize such an abstract concept, we could think of the open tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza.
In the emptiness of that tomb one can be transformed. This pyramid has a square base and four faces which are equilateral triangles. That square is our own being and the void in the tomb represents our open heart. In that magical void the core being radiates and around it the pyramid is erected. In that inner burial vault that we experience as a void, to us the core being seems to be latent and dormant. And that is why we speak of a process of awakening and revivification.

In this empty space within the burial temple the Brothers (the seeking human being) discover “the intact body” of Christian Rosycross. He is the symbol of the primordial man slumbering within us. We speak of “slumber”, because it is not so much something new, but because the natural human being does not know this inner light, and it is hidden from our eyes. On the path of transformation the inner perception will gradually become stronger while the veil dissolves and the original being will again be able to manifest itself fully. The knowledge of this open space, which is basically in the heart, and the power that is associated with it, are the treasures that the brotherhood has left to us as a legacy. It is a universal knowledge, power and truth intended for everyone, not just for the privileged few, because for every human being this core essence was, and still is, the starting point, whether one is aware of it or not.

No man, nor even a brotherhood or mystery school can be an intermediary between a person and the “great mystery” because no one will ever be able to fully explain the mystery to us. We will have to unveil and experience it by ourselves, and to the extent that we succeed, it will manifest itself in our lives, as a reality. Therefore, this truth cannot be transferred to us by others as a theory or a mystical feeling. This would even be an obstruction, since it would only contribute to the existing dead weight in our heads or to the anguish in our hearts. The truth is released into the world as a living potential that is accessible to everyone. As a result, through these atmospheric conditions, it becomes easier for us to unlock our own inner temple.

At the same time, paradoxically, this truth is now transferred to us by means of a rather veiled story. What matters is whether we can find the simplicity in ourselves that is able to recognize the simplicity behind this story. Do we recognize how life itself establishes that new order in us? In other words, are we painfully trying to transform ourselves or do we dare to put our trust in the source of life within us? When we open ourselves to the inner source, then the miraculous change, which is so minutely described in the texts, will find its own order within us.


The following is the true, original report of the discovery of the highly enlightened man of God, Brother C.R.C.:
After Brother A. had died in peace our beloved Brother N.N. took his place. He told us in confidence, when he had taken his place among us and taken the solemn oath of faith and secrecy, that Brother A. had assured him that this Brotherhood would not remain hidden much longer….

In the following year, when he had accomplished his apprenticeship, and was minded to take up an opportunity which had arisen to go on a journey with an
ample travelling allowance or purse of Fortune, he resolved as a good architect to change something of his building and equip it more practically.

During this work of renewal he found a brass memorial tablet, which contained the names of all who belonged to the Brotherhood, as well as some other data.
He wished to place this memorial tablet in a more suitable vault, for at what time Brother C. had died and in which country he was buried was concealed by the Elder Ones and therefore unknown to us.
In this memorial tablet a large nail protruded somewhat so that, when it was drawn out with force, a rather large stone was pulled out of the thin wall or plasterwork. This unexpectedly revealed a door that was hidden behind it. With joy and full of expectations we broke down the rest of the wall and cleaned the door. High up was written: After one hundred and twenty years, I will open, with underneath the original date.

The brother N.N. has responded to the call and lives in inner silence. He no longer identifies with the noisy appearance of his existence. He focuses his attention on the inner source and peace descends on his consciousness. Previously, he identified with the personality, but now he shifts his attention: he no longer directs it outwardly but rather inwardly, to the hidden space in the heart. He understands that, by identifying with the personality, he operates more or less separately from his core essence.
The personality is the one who says, ‘I am, because I think, I feel and I act’. Christian Rosycross now shows us the way to our true and immortal self, from which all life is manifested.
By focusing on the hidden space in the heart, the ego is deprived of its sustenance and gradually dissolves into the pure All-consciousness.
Then the person is still present, but now he is the expression of the true self.

Brother A. is the precursor, who directs his attention inwardly and thus dissolves into the void. Brother N.N. is the enlightened consciousness that originates from this void. This inner development is referred to by saying that N.N. is going “to change something of his building”. During this work of renewal, he encounters a brass memorial tablet and when he tries to detach it and draws out the sixth nail with force, a part of the wall collapses, thus revealing a hidden door.

What does it mean that the bronze memorial tablet is attached with six nails? There are five nails on the edge and one in the middle. The middle nail, according to the comments, again, refers to the heart, and the bronze tablet to the wisdom.
Wisdom, a somewhat abstract concept, is the result of the power of thinking, supported by love and guided by inner perception. There is a saying: “It is only with the heart that one can really see.” Wisdom is released by first of all observing with the heart. We can see the remaining five nails as the five points of the pentagram, the shining star, which, in turn, is a symbol for the soul that has achieved wisdom.
At five points the soul is attached to the physical body, namely at the head, at both hands and at both feet. By taking away the middle nail, which is in the center of the plaque, brother N.N. gains access to the closed door.
By removing this nail with force, the new inspiration is released from the true self!
Thus the door to our inner chamber can be found, the door above which it is written: ‘After a hundred and twenty years, I shall open’.


We thanked God for this discovery and left everything else aside for the rest of the evening, as we wanted first to consult our Rotae.
Once again and for the third time we refer to the Confessio, since everything we reveal here will happen to those who are worthy of it; to the unworthy it will
be, so God wills, of little profit. For just as our door opened in a wondrous way after so many years, so there will also open, as soon as the debris has cleared, a door for Europe that is already beginning to show itself and is expected by many with great longing.

Before the door can be opened, the brothers consult their Rotae. We might consider these Rotae as the system of force lines by which our own wheel of life, our own life situation, is related to the cosmic genesis: the Rotae Mundi is the wheel of humanity, which is kept turning in a direction that is in accordance with man’s destiny.

By reading the Rotae in their own hearts, they are capable of observing neutrally. They also look at themselves in this light, whether they consult the zodiac of their personal manifestation or not. Whenever there is understanding with regard to the personal experiences in the spatiotemporal world, the door may be opened.
The pure consciousness of the heart, however, is not tied to an astrological zodiac. Reading your own Rotae is not some kind of astrological consideration, but instead, it is perceiving inwardly. It is the inner awareness by means of the subtle intuition of the consciousness and as such, one can draw from the treasure trove of experiences accumulated by all previous incarnations. The ancient zodiac which has served us for such a long time now must give way for a new zodiac, a new heaven with twelve stars, from which a new earth and a new man will be revealed.
Thus, the number one hundred and twenty represents the number of perfection.


The next morning we opened the door, behind which was a vault with seven sides and seven corners. Each side was five feet wide and eight feet high. Although this vault was never lighted by the sun, yet it was clearly illumined by the light of another Sun which had derived its ability to do so from the Sun, and which radiated from the highest point in the centre of the vault.

Earlier we noted that the inner space is already there and that in fact the door that gives access to it is not really closed. But by identifying ourselves with an outer being, we have temporarily forgotten our true self. We believe we are one person; we believe in every thought that comes to us. If this identification with the outer being dissolves in the silence of the infinite inner space, then we find out that its entrance door still lies buried in our deepest self. The core of our microcosm is a true reflection of that of the macrocosm, and is one with it.
That cosmic inner space is shown to us in the description as a vault with seven sides. This space is brightly lit by another sun which radiates from the highest point in the centre of the vault.

We read further:

In the middle, instead of a tombstone, was a round altar on which was a brass plate with the inscription:
A.C.R.C. While living, I made this compendium of the universe my tomb.
Round the first circle or rim was written: Jesus mihi omnia (Jesus is everything to me).

In the middle were four figures enclosed in circles whose inscription was:
1. There is no empty space.
2. The yoke of the law.
3. The freedom of the gospel.
4. The glory of Gad is unassailable.

All this is clear and distinct, as are the seven sides and the two times seven triangles.

The seven aspects of the microcosm are illuminated by an inward Sun. The light of higher reason can reveal itself in the soul man. The pure ideas, brought forth by loving reflection which then reveal themselves, are often compared to the dynamic rays of the sun, or to the energy and power of Christ.
And so it may happen that the outer self fades and “the intact body,” the true self rises from the grave temple as a firebird, a Phoenix, as a Christ-man.
Also Christian Rosycross’ life bears witness to this resurrection.
His life is an example for us, because this resurrection from the grave of nature is potentially awaiting all of us. Let’s now see what is written on the altar.

1. There is no empty space.
For a man like Christian Rosycross, there are no longer boundaries of time and space.
Mortal man is only a visible manifestation of the All-consciousness. In the All-consciousness all worlds interpenetrate and what seems an empty space to ordinary consciousness, is a space filled with life to Christian Rosycross. The unity of everything with everything is experienced therein. To him the “void” is anything but empty!

2. The yoke of the law.
For Christian Rosycross the yoke of the law, the law of karma and cause and effect, no longer applies. He has neutralized all tensions with the outer world, because he has become a law unto himself. Not, however, because all karma is atoned – which is impossible – but simply because his consciousness has risen above the field of karma, beyond the world of experience.

3. The freedom of the gospel.
The third inscription on the bronze plate of life fulfilling shows us in the Gospel as a consolation from a higher world the attainment of man’s universal goal: the immortality which irradiates all areas of matter and spirit. This, our own gospel, born under the law, is a witness and a living proof that this freedom is approaching!

4. The glory of God is unassailable.
Untouchable is the true self, because therein all things exist and unfold themselves, and yet itself remains unmoved. All life originates from her and returns back to her.
It is the source of all being. Neither heights nor depths nor lengths can separate you from Him who grants you the victory, who has laid in you the power of victory as a seed, as a latent creative ability.


All this is clear and distinct, as are the seven sides and the two times seven triangles.
This vault we divided into three parts: the dome or heaven; the walls or sides; the floor or base. As to the heaven you will hear nothing more from us at this time than that it was divided into triangles, following the outline of the seven sides in the luminous centre. But what was contained therein, you, desirous of salvation, will, if God wills, soon behold with your own eyes. Each side was subdivided into ten squares, each with its own figures and inscriptions.
In each side there was a door which led to a chest containing diverse things, including all the books we already possessed.

On the vault of the burial temple of Christian Rosycross a luminous triangle has been attached, from which seven rays are shining. And the vault has seven sides and corners. So we see the numbers three (triangle), four (square) and seven (sides). This seems at first sight unnecessarily complicated and perhaps we tend to lose track.
If we, however, imagine these inner spaces like a flower, like a rose or a lotus, the image is easier, that is, a fully opened seven-petaled rose the scent of which is love. Some people will have already experienced its symbolism by the very image of a flower and will leave it at that. The Rosicrucians connect this symbol, this inner knowledge in the heart, however, with the understanding in the head, so that from this synthesis of head and heart, a new, vivid brightness may occur.

The numbers are thus not a purely mental issue. It is not aimed at creating even more mental ballast. Let us therefore direct ourselves with as little inhibition as possible, both in heart and head, to the symbols of the circle with the triangle and the square in the middle. Let’s try to find out what this universal symbol can give us. This symbol is used by the Rosicrucians, because it is the summary of the core being, and it also shows, in a nutshell, the way that Christian Rosycross has walked from the grave to the resurrection.

The number zero – or the circle – represents the eternal. Both the sphere of revelation as well as its center point are circles. If a man is open to the eternal which surrounds us like a circle, then this eternity touches us in the heart.

The number three. If a human being has been touched in this way, this beam will not only vibrate as a high and unknowable abstraction, but it will also unfold in three helping rays, in a luminous triangle. Its sides are: touch, transformation and realization of eternity in us.

The number four. When the luminous triangle radiates in our state of consciousness, we undergo a miraculous enlightenment. And as soon as this enlightenment gets a firm foothold, four ether-substances are released that will change us. These four ethers correspond to the four aspects of the human personality, namely his mental body, his feeling body, his vital body and his material body. Together they form the square of construction, which in that strange reconstruction by brother NN, is being demolished and rebuilt.

The number seven. From the surrounding eternity we see the grace of the three rays emanating from the center, from which seven rays flow out along the seven sides of the vault and turn it into a transmuting fire. Each side also has a door that provides access to the secret of the microcosm. We discover that man is a sevenfold wonderfully composed being. In addition to the four bodies of man already mentioned, there are also the soul, the spirit-soul and the spirit. The soul is a dynamic aspect of the pure consciousness of the spirit-soul, which in turn is an expression of the unknowable self, the spirit. Thus man appears to possess not just four but seven aspects. And he will discover these seven aspects by inner vision, without first having laboriously studied these. The three hidden aspects transform the four external aspects and thus they are purified in the fire of the holy triangle.

We have earlier referred to the fiery triangle, as the father, the son and the holy spirit, a tri-unity that we can meet anywhere in the world, although under different names. For example, there is the tri-unity of the Christ, Jesus and man, or, of Spirit, soul and the fourfold body. You can also think of Horus who originates from the alchemical wedding of Osiris and Isis. They all represent different aspects of a tri-unity, which can also flourish in us.

If our intuition matures, the wonderful story gains great depth. We perceive that all is one; it is not just a presumption or theory any more. All the numbers originate from the zero as a revelation, but they will also return to it again. Everything is from God, through God and to God. All seven rays inseparably emanate from that one source. We have to work with these light-powers on the square of construction and not with our personal strengths or via personal interference. It is the one force that acts on us in a twofold way: It breaks down what is old while at the same time building the new being.

We have discussed the vault of heaven and the three sides of our core essence, the tri-unity which affects us in a renewing sense. All this we can find in the microcosm and in the macrocosm as well as in the triple solar logos. In addition to the vault and its sides, there is also a basal plane, upon which everything is founded. This base represents the material human being. The light from above also highlights the basal plane. It is the love acting ‘as above, so below’. In this way, matter is transformed by means of the forces radiating from the perfection of the one solar logos via the radiating triangle into the seven aspects of our being.


We still had not yet found the dead body of our godly and wise Father. So we pushed the altar aside and were then able to lift a heavy brass plate. Beneath it we found a fair and noble body, intact and without any trace of decomposition, in full ornament and attire, depicted here as exactly as possible. In his hands he held a little book called T., written in golden letters on parchment that is now, next to the Bible, our greatest treasure, and that to be sure may not thoughtlessly be delivered to the judgment of the world.

After the altar is moved, a heavy brass plate is encountered which is lifted. This heavy plate is our outer self-consciousness that is bound to disappear. In order to make this possible, the assignment that was found in the tomb of Christian Rosycross should be fulfilled. This assignment is that of the cross. If we consider the heavy plate as representing the outer ego-consciousness, as the horizontal of the cross, then this apparent reality of appearance will now be intersected by the vertical ray from our core being. In the heart, these cross each other. As a result, the plate yields and a new shining cross arises. The horizontal beam which seeks to determine the life separate from the core being, must yield to a new vertical beam which fully expresses the essence. And the rose at the heart of the cross, the core being in us, will now be able to fully unfold itself. Then we will no longer live a laborious life, because then life will live itself.

And now we see Christian Rosycross standing before us as a luminous figure, a golden cross. In his name we recognize the words: Christ, rose and cross. The cross shines like a golden light, and at the point where both beams meet, the rose blooms. It is a mysterious rose that has a supernatural scent. It has a scent of unconditional love. This is no scent that needs to be distributed because it is just there as a matter of course for everyone and everything.

And in the hands of Christian Rosycross is the book T, the book Theos, or God. This book is our greatest treasure, because herein the truth of the brotherhood is recorded. It is the truth that inspires us and urges us to realization of the one Self. Nearer than hands and feet, surpassing place, time and individuality, here is the divine Self. From Him everything originates and to Him everything returns. He is the mystery of the truth which is “the self in everything”. From this unity the community of enlightened ones calls us home.

Note: This course is based on the book The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross
written by J. van Rijckenborgh and edited by de Rozekruis Pers.