Inner Source Course: Part 2 - THE SEVEN ROPES


The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross issues an appeal for a General Reformation, because everything indicates that the time is appropriate.
However, the reformation the Brothers of the Rosycross have in mind is not the Reformation as it was propagated by Luther a century earlier.
Luther wanted to reform the morally decaying church and its ecclesiastical system. However, the Rosicrucians aim at a reformation of the individual himself,
“…, so that ultimately man might understand his own nobility and worth, and why he is called microcosm, and how far his knowledge of Nature extends.”
The reformation of the individual is not a mere rearrangement of what already exists, but it is a complete transformation. This complete conversion begins with the awakening of the hidden essential kernel in the human heart.
The appeal made to the European people four hundred years ago, which for example Buddha called “the good news”, is even now completely topical for everyone, regardless of where they reside on the globe. In our time, all the conditions are met to achieve an inner reformation and to make a complete revelation of the microcosm possible.


Earlier we talked about the consciousness of a person who experiences life in the spatiotemporal world as oppressive. In our time people are more open than before and many have also become more sensitive. But we also see a certain degree of exhaustion. It is partly due to the luminous new atmosphere around the earth, that people gain experience much faster, while many inward impediments disappear.
In this way openness comes about within them and that is the big gain.
One can also understand better what is meant by the words spoken by an old gray man in the dream of Christian Rosycross:

If only you, poor human race,
Did not yourselves esteem,
ah, how much, by my mother’s grace,
given could have been.
But as you will not listen
you will yourselves imprison
and night’s captives remain.

But all the evil done,
my dear mother will forgive,
that all her choicest gifts
in the light again might live.
Yet this does happen rarely,
for man mistakes as fancy
her treasures bountiful.

In honour of the feast
we will now celebrate,
may her praise be increased.
Good work will then be done:
a rope she will let down
and those who grasp it firmly
will enter freedom shortly.

This remarkable short speech in three verses expresses the triple insight gained by Christian Rosycross, namely:
an understanding of his limited life situation;
an understanding of the existence of his real source of life and
an understanding of the possibility of liberation from the limited life situation by merging into the essential.
Now the big question is whether one is ready for this reformation, this inner renewal. You may be wondering: “Am I ready to leave the pit, and ascend into the light?” “Is my desire to truly live large enough to give me the courage to change my whole attitude to life?” In other words: “Has it really become a necessity of life for me?”
If so then we will, just as Christian Rosycross, receive the invitation to the alchemical wedding. This invitation reads as follows:

This is the day, this day, this
the day for the Royal Wedding is.
Art thou by birth thereto inclined
and unto joy by God designed?
Then thou may’st to the mountain wend
on which three stately temples stand
and there observe the wonder.

Keep the aim!
In Light remain!
Unless thou bathe most carefully
the wedding will do harm to thee.
Woe to him who in sin delays,
he will be found too light in weights.


The three verses are pronounced immediately after opening the pit. And we would now like to examine what it would mean to us if we were to accept this invitation.

In the description of the image of the globe we see how from the one center the rays originate which manifest revelation and creation in its multiplicity.
In the alchemical process of re-creation, these are the same rays that touch the human being.
If a man is open, he is immediately touched by the first ray of love from the All-Father-Mother, making him as it were “taste” his origin in a flash.
Those who experience a taste of the essential, long for more.
The brightness and truth of this first contact will reduce the resistance resulting from the identification with the personality. And he will see that eternity is always entangled with the world of space and time. Due to this recognition he will increasingly be able to attune himself to the light.

After the first ray of love has been given access to our inner being as a life necessity, then immediately this still delicate and somewhat unstable life is helped further by a second ray from the center. This ray helps us with the conversion of our life orientation. It is “switching polarity” of consciousness in which the self-consciousness dissolves into the pure All-consciousness.
It would not come to anyone’s mind to cherish this first touch as the perfect enlightenment, since then we would cut ourselves off from any further development.
If we were to dwell on the first touch, the spark, which has already become a small flame, it would soon be extinguished from lack of new supply and at best just remain as a memory.

The first ray sparks a new consciousness, the second a new life orientation. And slowly these flames flare up, until they become a controlled and stable fire, the fire of a (quiet) enthusiasm, as a true new inspiration. In other words, Christ in us grows, develops, and the sense of separateness and ego will dissolve into the new light-consciousness.
If then such a person perceives or lives by the pure consciousness, inevitably the third ray is released from the center as well.
In that ray of love the essence of man can transform. The ignoble is transformed into the noble.

This alchemical transformation of the ignoble into the noble also takes place in a human being and is symbolically referred to as the alchemical wedding. From this wedding, a new man will be born. Not a man of flesh and blood, but a spirit-soul human being, a Christ-Jesus-being. All this is contained in what the Rosicrucians refer to by the symbolic name: Christian Rosycross.

Immediately in the first sentence of “The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross” we read:
We, the Brethren of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross, bestow our greeting, our love and our prayer upon each and every one who reads this, our Fama with Christian intent.

With these words they set the reshaping fiery Triangle as a bright beacon before the seeker’s eyes. This greeting lifts the lid from the pit and grants us the light of love which makes a fundamental change possible through prayer.
By opening the pit, firstly, man is saluted, or called, then raised up into the love light and finally transformed into a spirit-soul human being.

Thus, the alchemical marriage can be achieved through the conversion of the ignoble into the noble. In this way the connection with the radiation from the All-center takes place. In the manifestos of the Rosicrucians we encounter this fiery Triangle, or in other words, this trinity of the super-nature, at different places and by different names. And each time it concerns the threefold creative principle of touch, elevation and transformation.
The invitation for the wedding states that these three rays can be released in our own being, by our own effort.
“This is the day.” Not tomorrow, but always now. “Remain focused towards the goal.”


…the Old Lady ordered her servants to lower the rope seven times into the tower and haul up those who could hang on to it. Would God permit I could describe the pandemonium then breaking loose among us, for everyone wanted to get hold of the rope and by that hindered the others. However, after seven minutes a sign was given with a little bell after which the servants pulled up four persons. I could not possibly get near the rope because I had the misfortune to have climbed onto a stone in the wall of the tower, as I mentioned already, and thus could not reach the rope which had been lowered in the centre of the tower.

When the rope was lowered for the sixth time some clung to it. And whilst the rope swung back and forth it came, perhaps by the will of God, near me. I quickly caught it so that I hung higher than all the others, and thus at last and beyond expectation, I came out of the tower. I was so happy about this that I felt the wound on my head, caused by a sharp stone when I was hauled up, only when, together with the other released ones, I had to help with the seventh and last hauling up, just as was done during all preceding times.
Through this exertion the blood ran down my clothes which, in my joy, I failed to heed.
After the rope had been lowered for the last time through which most of the prisoners were pulled up, the old Lady had it taken away.

The first five times the rope was hauled up still very few prisoners were hoisted out of the pit. One might become overwhelmed by feelings of despair when seeing all the possibilities of liberation being offered, and not being able to make use of them, or worse, that others are busy keeping us away from them.

But in fact it is true that there is a rope thrown down for each type of person; everyone gets the liberating opportunities that are tailored for them and suited for their time. That is what the law of love demands.

When hauling up the sixth rope, which a few people had already grasped, the rope starts to swing. Thus the rope alternates between the people at the sides who could not catch it otherwise.
Here it is symbolically indicated that as soon as people make use of the liberating opportunities offered ‘the rope will start swinging back and forth’, and thereby more people can be saved.
Those who manage to grab the rope, at the same time, release an opportunity for others and bring liberation within reach of more people.
The verses in “The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross” sound like a song of liberation. By singing this song in various tonalities many people will be able to hear and recognize it and respond to it in a positive way. By walking our own path, we are partially paving the way for our fellow man as well.
Man thus becomes less individually focused and individuality gives way to unity. In the dream, this is represented by the fact that Christian Rosycross and the other liberated ones are helping along with hauling up the rope for the seventh and last time. It is through this collaboration between the rescuers and the rescued ones that most of the prisoners are freed from the pit by this seventh hauling up.


It was only after Christian Rosycross had this dream and had been liberated from the pit, that he could accept the invitation for the Holy Wedding and set out on his journey. So the path starts with liberation. If we can grab the rope, we are already freed from the pit. Or in other words, if we can vibrate along with the first light-rays touching us, these can lift us up out of the darkness.
It is only by that light that we are released.
Liberation from our limited, self-centered consciousness necessarily precedes the path of self-realization. Man must first become aware of his innate potential for elevation before he can find the courage to take the first steps on the path. Pelagius, the Irish Gnostic who lived in Rome in the fifth century, puts it this way:

So often I have to talk about the moral education and conduct of a holy life, I tend to set out first the power and character of human nature, and to show what it is capable of, and only then to encourage the minds of the audience to practice the arts of virtue. For it would have been useless to encourage them to do that which seems impossible to them.
Never will we be able to tread the path of virtues if not hope drags us along as a traveling companion.
Because each striving for something dies away, as soon as we doubt to achieve it.

The goal of every Gnostic is elevation. It allows the person to transfigure, thus making him a pure expression of divine consciousness. The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross is not just a theoretical treatise, but simultaneously it brings a powerful light to enable us to see, seize and realize the possibilities:
“.., so that ultimately man might understand his own nobility and worth, and why he is called microcosm, and how far his knowledge of Nature extends.”

These words present us with a consciousness breakthrough. It is possible! We become aware of the existing opportunities to escape from the world of relativity and temporality. And we can become aware of the possibility of entering into perfection and eternity.

Note: This course is based on the book The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross
written by J. van Rijckenborgh and edited by de Rozekruis Pers.