The First Day of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

The dream of Christian Rosycross

I hardly slept when I had the impression that I was lying, heavily chained, in a dark prison tower, together with countless other people. We were deprived of even the faintest ray of light, swarming over each other’s bodies like bees, thus adding to each other’s wretched­ness. Although neither I nor any of the others could see anything in the inky darkness, I still heard how some people tried to climb on top of the others if their chains or shackles were the slightest bit lighter. Apart from this, none of us had much of an advantage over the other, as all of us were poor wretches.

After having spent, with the others, a long time in this miserable state, during which people continually called each other “blind” or “prisoner”, we at last heard the flourish of many trumpets. Also the kettle-drums were beaten so skilfully that even in our miserable state we were refreshed and gladdened by it.

In the mean time the trap-door of the tower was lifted and a small amount of light was granted us. Then you should have seen us, tumbling one over the other! All were crawling over each other and thus anyone who had worked his way up was dragged down again by someone else. In short, everyone wanted to be at the top. And I, too, did not hesitate but struggled free from the others, notwithstanding my heavy chains, and pulled myself up by a stone I had managed to reach. But there, too, I was frequently attacked by the others, against whom I defended myself as well as possible with hands and feet. We did not think otherwise than that all of us would be freed.

Commentary no.4: Self-awareness caused by the new light
All those who are in distress act in the same way. Yet in the midst of all that conflict there arises a measure of exhaustion and…a kind of purification comes about, in the sense of a poverty of the blood. The blood loses some of its passions and such a person becomes rather sensitive.

As the exhaustion increases, so does the sensitivity; a sensitivity to the new light develops, expressing itself in the blood as yearning, as embitterment, and in that light one comes to see one’s condition better than ever before. (Page 34)

The redeeming cord

However, things worked out quite differently. After the gentlemen who looked down on us through the open­ing in the top of the tower had amused themselves somewhat with this crawling and struggling, an old man The guard of with snow white hair ordered us to be quiet. Hardly had his command been acted upon when he began to speak, as far as I still remember, as follows:

If only you, poor human race,
did not yourselves esteem,
ah, how much, by my mother’s grace,
given could have been.
But as you will not listen
You will yourselves imprison
and nighf s captives remain.

But all the evil done,
my dear mother will forgive,
that all her choicest gifts
in the light again might live.
Yet this does happen rarely,
for man mistakes as fancy
her treasures bountiful.

In honour of the feast
we will now celebrate,
may her praise be increased.
Good work will then be done:
a rope she will let down
and those who grap it firmly
will enter freedom shortly.

He had hardly finished speaking when the old Lady ordered her servants to lower the rope seven times into the tower and haul up those who could hang on to it. Would God permit I could describe the pandemonium then breaking loose among us, for everyone wanted to get hold of the rope and by that hindered the others. However, after seven minutes a sign was given with a little bell after which the servants pulled up four persons.

I could not possibly get near the rope because I had the misfortune to have climbed onto a stone in the wall of the tower, as I mentioned already, and thus could not reach the rope which had been lowered in the centre of the tower.

The rope was lowered for a second time. But since the chains of many were too heavy and their hands too weak, they could not hold on to the rope and dragged many who might have hung on, down with them. Yes, many were even pulled down by someone else who had not been able to reach the rope himself. So we envied each other even in our great misery. I pitied those most, however, whose weight was so heavy that their hands were torn off their bodies so that they could not climb up. This was the reason why, until the fifth time, only a few people had been hauled up. For as soon as the sign was given, the servants were so quick in hauling up the rope that most people tumbled one over the other. The fifth time the rope was actually empty, so that most of us, and I too, despaired of our redemption and called upon God to have mercy upon us and, if possible, deliver us out of this darkness, after which in fact He granted this to some of us. For when the rope was lowered for the sixth time, The sixth time some clung to it. And whilst the rope swung back and forth it came, perhaps by the will of God, near me. I quickly caught it so that I hung higher than all the others and thus, at last and beyond expectation, I came out of the tower. I was so happy about this that I felt the wound on my head, caused by a sharp stone when I was hauled up, only when, together with the other released ones, I had to help with the seventh and last hauling up, just as was done during all preceding times. Through this exer­tion the blood ran down my clothes which, in my joy, I failed to heed.

Commentary no.5: The meaning of the head wound
Christian Rosycross is pulled up by the sixth cord. We are struck by the fact that, as he is being drawn up, his head is wounded by a sharp stone, which he notices only when, together with the others, he helps pull up the seventh and last cord, and the effort makes his blood ooze through his clothes.

If your heart atom is struck by the new magnetic light of the Spiritual School and, like C.R.C.,…then such a “head wound” will break the magnetic lines of force of ordinary dialectical nature. The head wound sig­nifies the removal of obstructions from the window of the soul. (Page 44)

He who is charged with many tasks, will find that of him much is asked.

After the rope had been lowered for the last time through which most of the prisoners were pulled up, the old Lady had it taken away. She asked her ancient son to announce her resolution to the other prisoners, which astounded me. After some reflection he addressed them as follows:

You children dear
now gathered here,
What long before was resolved upon
is only now complete and done.
What my mother in her great grace
has given your friends for their solace
you’ll not begrudge or grieve upon.
A time of joy will now begin
Where everyone shall equal be,
None wealthy, none in penury.

He who is charged with many tasks,
will find that of him much is asked.
He who with much has entrusted been
must prove, and building must be seen.
Therefore, cease your loud lamenting:
What harm a few more days of waiting!

As soon as he had spoken these words, the trap-door was closed again and locked, after which again the blast of trumpets and the roll of drums resounded. The sound, however, was not so loud as to prevent one hearing the bitter lament of the prisoners in the tower rising above all noise, so that the tears streamed down my face. Soon after, the old Lady and her son sat down in seats which had been prepared beforehand and gave the order to count those who had been freed. When she had learned the number and had written it down on a gold-coloured tablet, she wished to know everyone’s name, which was written down by a page. After she had looked at each of us in turn, she sighed and said to her son, so that I could clearly hear it: “Ah, how I pity those poor people in the tower. Oh, would God permit me to deliver them all”. To which her son answered: “Mother, thus God has or­dained. We may not contend against Him. If all of us were lord and master, possessed the goods of the earth and were seated at the table, who would serve us the meal?”

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