The First Day of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

The invitation

In this unexpected adventure I, poor creature, really did not know what to do. That is why I fell down on my knees and prayed to my Creator not to have me exper­ience anything that could threaten my eternal salvation. The letter After this I turned to the letter in fear and trembling. It appeared to be so heavy that, if it had been made of pure gold, it could hardly have been heavier. When I looked at The seal it attentively I found it sealed with a small seal in which, very delicately, a cross was engraved with the inscrip­tion: “/// hoc signo f vinces”. (In this sign you will conquer.)

As soon as I had seen this sign I was reassured, as I knew that such a sign would be unpalatable to the devil, nor would he make use of it. Thus I carefully opened the letter. It contained the following poem, written with gol­den letters on a blue field:

This is the clay, this day,
this the day of the Royal Wedding is.
Art thou thereto by birth inclined
and unto joy by God designed?
Then thou may’st to the mountain wend
on which three stately temples stand
and there observe the wonder.

Keep to the aim!
In light remain!
Unless thou bathe most carefully
the wedding will do harm to thee.
Woe to him who in sin delays,
he will be found too light in weights.

Underneath was written:
Sponsus et Sponsa
(Bridegroom and bride)

Commentary no.3: The signature of the letter
That C.R.C. is represented as receiving a letter need not seem strange, for the Bible is full of similar stories, in which God writes, as it were, “in the heart”. Paul uses this idea in the second epistle to the Corinthians, when he says: “You are a letter from Christ”. He also speaks of “the fleshly tables of the heart”, while Peter talks about “the hidden man of the heart”.

Christian Rosycross has received his letter, and as its significance gradually dawns on him, he breaks out in a cold sweat. He recog­nises the signature of the invitation; he had already known for some time in what manner it would reach him: by yearning for the Gnosis and opening his heart for it. But now it has come, he feels deeply disconcerted. (Page 27)

After having read this letter I thought I would faint. My hair stood on end and a cold sweat broke out all over me. For although I did realise that this would be the foreshadowed wedding which was announced to me seven years ago in a vision and which I had awaited so long with great yearning, and which, in the end, I had found to be correct through diligently calculating and recalculat­ing the position of my planets, I still had not expected such difficult and dangerous conditions to be connected with it. Whereas previously I had been of the opinion that I merely had to appear at the wedding in order to be a welcome and esteemed guest, I was now referred to divine Providence of which, in this case, I was far from certain.

The more I examined myself the more I found, even now, that nothing but great ignorance and blindness with regard to secret things reigned in my mind; moreover, that I was even unable to comprehend obvious, daily recurring things. How much less had I been destined by birth to fathom and penetrate the secrets of nature since, in my opinion, nature could have found anywhere a more useful disciple to entrust with its so precious, though temporary and transitory, treasure. I also discovered that my body, my seemingly decent behaviour and my neigh­bourly love had not been properly cleansed and purified.

The urges of the flesh, moreover, still appeared to exist within me, bent on high esteem and worldly splen­dour instead of directed towards the well-being of my fellow-man, so that I continually deliberated upon how I could further my self-interest within a short time, erect impressive buildings, acquire an immortal name in the world and more such thoughts of the flesh. However, I was particularly alarmed by the mysterious words about the three temples, which I could not explain in whatever way I thought about them. Perhaps I would even now have been unable to explain them if they had not been revealed to me in a miraculous way.

In this way, hovering between hope and fear, examin­ing myself ever again, yet finding nothing but weakness and impotence so that I was unable to help myself in any way, and being alarmed by the invitation mentioned before, I took refuge in my most familiar and secure habit and prayed, before retiring to bed, earnestly and fervently that according to the divine decree my good angel would be allowed to appear and instruct me in my doubtful state, as it had done before; which did happen, God be praised, for my good, and as a well-meant, serious admonition of my fellow-man.

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