Who is Christian Rosycross?

Rudolf Steiner’s lecture about the first Christian Rosycross

Rudolf Steiner, in his lecture of 27 September 1911, tells that Christian Rosycross secretly incarnated for the first time in the 13th Century. He grew up in secret, protected by twelve teachers – twelve adepts – who initiated him to the entire knowledge of the mysteries of the Old World. They projected all their knowledge into his mind and made him a living incarnation of the mysteries of the West.

After that, in CRC, there is an entirely new synthesis of all ancient religions with Christianity, which manifests itself in his etheric body. As the „Thirteenth“ he can now reflect this wisdom back into the circle of the twelve and teach it as the highest wisdom. Christian Rosycross then dies at a young age.

The “Thirteenth” from another world

In the mystery language, twelve forces together form a complete universe, the totality of a coherent life field. Among others, this view can be found in the twelve signs of the zodiac which surround our physical universe. Mortal man lives from their forces.

Thus, if one reads about a “thirteenth”, it is always meant as a manifestation of power from the next higher cosmic region; the region beyond the Twelve. Christian Rosycross as the thirteenth, in the middle of the circle of the twelve, is the incarnation of a being from the life field of immortal mankind from where he enters our mortal life field with a specific mission.

The second incarnation of Christian Rosycross

To fulfill his mission, as reported in the Confessio, CRC incarnated again in 1378. Now he no longer has to act in secret, but appears in public under the name Christian Rosycross. His physical body had died – but his immortal soul body survived and was alive as ever. That is why the fullness of the mystery knowledge, from the previous incarnation, has survived unharmed and is available without any limitations.

These relationships are also found in the Fama. It tells how the brothers discovered the grave of ACRC (the first Christian Rosycross) again after 125 years, discovering his completely intact body “in full regalia.”

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