Who is Christian Rosycross?

The mission of Christian Rosycross

What is the mission of brother CRC? We find it in the Fama. Here the life story of Christian Rosycross is told from the year of his birth 1378. It is written that brother CRC grew up in a monastery and traveled to the Arab countries at a young age. The old Hermetic knowledge of the mysteries of the West at that time was mainly concentrated in the Arab countries and culture, particularly in Egypt – and in Asia Minor, where the spiritual Alchemy has its roots. Therefore, Christian Rosycross visited these countries to personally absorb their entire current wisdom. Upon returning to Europe he offered his spiritual treasures to Europe’s intellectual elite. His goal was a complete reformation of life.

Once he understood that the elite of Europe were not interested, he gathered people around him, for whom the most important things in life were not the accumulation of money, outer knowledge and personal honour. He founded the Brotherhood of the Rosycross with people who had a very different purpose in life. This purpose or goal is indicated by the “building of the House Sancti Spiritus“.

What is this house? For whom is it intended and who can enter it?

The House Sancti Spiritus

The House Sancti Spiritus is not a material temple and not located in a geographic location. It is rather a force field, a concentrated power on the spirit-soul level, where man and spirit can meet and can merge into one, new life, as it happened with Christian Rosycross himself.

The doors of this house are opened wide to all people whose inner being longs for the spirit, for an existence that goes beyond time and space to another, divine reality. Origin, religion or race do not matter because the House Sancti Spiritus is intended as a spiritual home for all mankind. For the curious, however, the House Sancti Spiritus remains hidden and closed.

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