How do Rosicrucians practice their Spiritual Path?

Such a person becomes a resident of both worlds: He stands in the middle of the perishable material world, but is also free inside, as he breathes in a universal spiritual life field. As a human microcosm, a complete universal being, he originally came from this field of life and he now feels this connection again with his enlightened consciousness. He is synchronised with the “stream of living water,” the spiritual prana of the new era.

Enlightenment is Not the Goal, But the Condition

For a Rosicrucian, an enlightened consciousness is not an aim in itself, but a requirement for an active life serving the world and humanity. A Rosicrucian does not live in other unworldliness or loneliness, but stands in the middle of life. He sees the world and his own life’s mission from a different perspective and sets for himself different emphases and priorities. He asks his heart: What supports the development of the soul and spirit, and what prevents it?

Awareness is Essential

The answer comes as a concrete experience of life. To walk the path it is important to be alert and fully conscious in order to follow the internal processes undisturbed, with full attention, and to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, Rosicrucians abstain from alcohol, nicotine and drugs. Furthermore, they respect for all living beings which is one of the reasons why Rosicrucians choose a vegetarian lifestyle.

The Two Key Aspects of the Rosicrucian Practice

“Temple services” are one of the key aspects of the spiritual work within the LRC. Prepared by internal and external silence, a reflection and contemplation on aspects of the path is the focus during temple work. A Rosicrucian temple is a sacred congregation room – a place of power to encounter the spiritual Light. This encounter and connection with the true creative power, which all people have in common, allows in-depth knowledge – gnosis – and support for the coming steps on the path.

The second key aspect is not to remain in contemplation, but to bring the new inner knowledge into daily life by practising a lifestyle that is inspired by the needs of the spirit-soul. What that means in detail, is very individual and has to be investigated by each pupil for his own life, every day, in a continuous process.

Temple services for pupils and interested people take place in the city centers of the Lectorium in many large cities. Pupils of the LRC also meet regularly for spiritual weekend conferences in one of the major conference locations of the LRC.

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