Alchemy and the mystery planets, a ritual for soul transformation

Jupiter – The overcoming of pride

In the following fourth step, the play of colors alters into a fourfould-shaded blue. In the spiritual sense that color symbolizes the overcoming of the arrogance and the vanity associated with the old Jupiter. He, who has lived through this process, can base himself on a power of reasoning that is fair and free from personal ratings, and he possesses the “Jewel of the distinction.”

Saturn – The liberation from the bondage of fate

At the fifth level in the play of colors in the vessel, a fourfould-shaded orange can be observed. For the internal process of transmutation this means overcoming the old Saturn, which holds man in an alleged fateful determinism. In overcoming these restraints, a new freedom arises and the ability to work in autonomious creativity, within the the sense of the divine revelation.

Uranus – The unmasking of irrationality

In the test tube on the sixth stage, the play of colors changes into a fourfould-shaded indigo. For the human soul, which yearns for union with the spirit, that color symbol means the influence of the Uranus force, whose lower spect seduces to irrationality. This aspect of the lower effects of Uranus must be overcome, so that nothing more remains, which contradicts the high, pure reason.

Neptune – Stripping off the last shackle

Finally, on the seventh level, the color spectrum inside the vessel alters into a fourfould-shaded purple. That is the transformation of the lower Neptune forces that entice the people to an imitative, personally colored image of God.

Meister Eckhart, a mystic of the 14th Century, says: “Even the religious consciousness must be cleared out. Therefore I ask God to deliver me from God.”

In overcoming this last fetter, the soul is matured to meet the Spirit and experience the union with him in the “alchemical wedding”.

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